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Week In Review:

This Was My 33rd Week In The Mac Lab, and I made a bunch of logos. The First Bunch are all the same concept, but different Colors and fills. From up close, the logos look like they say “IAVAI”, but if you back up the Logo is just a big letter “M”. I accidentally made this logo but it ended up being very cool. Another logo I made was the black and red box with the target in the Middle that I randomly put together. The last thing I made was the YZY. I based it of of Kanye West’s Yeezy Logo.

My Goals:

My goals are still the same as the previous weeks. Goals such as getting up on the wall, using the pen tool effectively, which I have began to do, and to get one of my projects sold on the Mac Lab Shop.

How I Failed/Recovered:

This Week I failed when I came late 2/5 days. I have yet to recover, but I will for the rest of the school year by coming to class on time or early.