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Week In Review:

This was my 28th week in the Mac Lab, and I made a bunch of Colorscapes. I made them using The Camera Raw Filter, Liquify tool, and by changing the amount of Temperature, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and more that the pictures have.

My Goals:

My Goals are basically going to be the same as the week before until I reach those goals. These goals are to be put up on the wall with other great works of past students. My other goal is to learn how to effectively use the pen tool in Illustrator by the end of the year. My final goal is to get my work put up in the Mac Lab shop and get at least one sold.

How I Failed/Recovered:

I failed this week when I stared working on the colorscapes in a normal illustrator file and not the preset one thats downloadable in the Colorscapes Quest. I Recovered when I saw other people using a different file, and I re-watched the video in the quest and fixed my failure.