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Week In Review:

This was my 27th week in the Mac Lab, and I learned and made a few things. One thing I made this week was a new File for the patterns. Im now at 5a, and I already made 20 Patterns. Another thing I did this week was I learned how to make a near perfect blur with Skocko’s “Beautiful Blurs” quest on the Week 27 411.

My Goals:

My Goals are still tiedto my other ones from past weeks. My goals are to something I created to be put on the Store and Sold, and my other Goal is to Get my work put up on the wall with all the other posters.

How I Failed/Recovered:

This week I failed when I tried to save one of my 5a jpg’s and it take forever to load and give me the rainbow wheel. I recovered when I restarted Illustrator and tried again and it want slow anymore.