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Week In Review:

This was my 32nd Week in the Mac Lab, and I made a lot of nice color ways and designs using the Flower Starter file and removing the Flower from it. Another thing I did was I made a IX (number 9) logo cause 9 is my favorite number. I based it off Tech N9ne’s IX Chain but I added a little more to make it pop out and catch the eye. Another thing I did was I chose to go with MLM and not LOYO.

My Goals:

My coals are still to get on the wall up with the other great works of the past, and to get my work published and put up on the MLM website.

How I Failed/Recovered:

This week, I failed when I tried to upload .psd files onto my website in the gallery and not use .jpg. I recovered when I say I was uploading .psd files and I put them all into Photoshop and saved them all as .jpg’s and uploaded them the right way.